Jvcivs Corpvs

Some fine people and I made this game at Nordic Game Jam 2016. Making a multiplayer-networking-chrome-cast-ready game in under 40 hours was naturally ridiculously over scoped – but fun! The jam theme was “leak“.

The networking part never got to work, but the Chrome Cast part got to work perfectly fine. However, being a multiplayer-only game; the game is ultimately broken.

Luckily, the process was fun because it involved awesome people and beer, plus, the general game design concept turned out pretty interesting!


Game description:

Ancient “science” of humoralism foretold that the human body contains 4 different juices, also known as body fluids, these are; Phlegm, Yellow Bile, Black Bile and Blood. Any physical or mental sickness is due to an imbalance or leak of these juices. Therefore, you sire, must keep the juices in balance!

Each player is responsible for a vital organ, controlled through an android device. If one organ (a player) fails, the body can still struggle on to stay alive, but if two vital organs fails, the body will die immediately. The cooperative goal is to keep the body alive as long as possible.

Each organ produces a certain juice, for an example the lever produces blood, but all organs need all four kinds of juices to work. Therefore the organs need to share juices and cooperate in order to keep the balance of the juices!

The poor status of the cooperatively controlled human body is displayed on a common screen through Chrome Cast.

You can download the .apk here, not sure why you would though..