In my master thesis project I sat out to research to what extend games has been successful at staging player improvisation (improv). More importantly, I wanted to investigate how staging of player improvisation in video games could be developed further. To do so, I also made an experimental game to explore the topic from an applied angle as well.

Why improvisational (theater) you say? Improv theater, like games, are sort of an edge-case narrative medium – and as it turns out, the two mediums have a lot in common. I believe that video games can benefit in many ways, especially when it comes to dynamic narratives, by lending concepts from improvisational theater and (theater) games.
That, and much more, can you read about in the actual paper. I got a 12 for the project and my supervisor urged me publish a couple of articles based on my findings, which I hope I get around to do sooner or later..

My thesis project can be seen as an extension or addition to the narratification framework I defined earlier in my studies.

My original thesis can be downloaded here

(Some of the writings was done a bit hasty, so please don’t mind the minor errors in the paper.)