//I have more or less abandoned this sub-page for now, due to me being busy at work. When the stars align i might update this page with some of the things I have been doing, but for now it remains a reminisce of the past// 

you will find a (slightly random) selection of some of the things I have been working on.

Be warned, for many of the things posted here, you will need the damned unity web player plugin installed in order for things to work.

UPDATE: Something in my permalinks just broke after an automatic WP update.
This means that all the links below are broken – sorry!
I will fix it as soon as i get time to look into the problem. 
Until then, you can manually replace “portfolio” with “stuff” in the URL after clicking on an item and then it should work: –>

Sorry !

…Things like photographs (I am a hobbyist photographer) will just end up as random posts on the “blog” section…