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Here we go…. – Greetings

Here we go….

So, the “new” lolinc.dk is nearing done and I might as well write a post about it!

I find simple web pages that uses an “old-school-HTML” kinda approach very appealing for some reason. That is why the old lolinc.dk was made with a very simple layout and some very simple HTML code. Another reason is that I suck at coding, but let us forget that for a moment.

There is beauty in a web page that loads instantly and acts the same way in all browsers; since there are no fancy widgets, responsive menus or floating pop-ups to mess things up. The visual limitations of older web technology also made those old web pages beautiful and simpler in their own way. Kinda like pixel art is still beautiful today.

Look at this example. How fucking brilliant is that? It is brilliant I tell you. Or this gem. And how about this shit?

Nonetheless, I have installed WordPress on my website now. (Yes, even the newest version). Why? I wanted to try it out because I probably should have done so some six years ago. And I gotta admit, it is pretty fucking smart. Especially when it comes to adding new content swiftly, (something I wish to do more).
I found a theme that I really like – it is what you are looking at right now. However, I find it quite hard to make any bigger adjustments to the theme, because the code is a lot more complicated then what I can handle (when it comes to web). Be assured, I am doing my best to make this site as simple, unresponsive, and old-school as I can.

Till’ next time.